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Myriad Board Openings

There are no openings at this time. 

Get Involved! 

Myriad is grateful for the efforts and dedication of our volunteers. Below are the following ways you can be involved in Myriad today*!
Administrative Director - assist with daily operations 
Artistic Collaborators - conductors, musicians, photographers, composers, visual artists, dancers, videographers, graphic designers
Librarian - organize and maintain Myriad's music library 
Outreach - reach out to other programs, schools, and organizations to share the word about Myriad and events
Social Media - platforms used are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and sometimes TikTok
Advertisement/ Media Relations - help us connect with and reach a wider audience
Concert Ushers
Grant Writers 

...want to be involved and have another skillset? Be in touch with us! 
*Please note that this is a rolling list and some positions requiring only one person may already be filled

Myriad Job Postings

There are currently no postings available
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