Myriad Board Openings

Governance Director

Position Job Description

  • Volunteer Position (Not Paid)

  • Term: 2 Years (Elected at AGM, no term limit

General Description

The Governance Director is responsible for facilitating the effective performance of the Board of Directors. The Governance Director ensures that the Board’s By-laws and policies are being followed and that the Board has policies and procedures in place to guide the organization in a legal and ethical manner.

Tasks & Responsibilities

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Chair the Governance Committee.

  • Make recommendations to the Board on governance policies, practices and

    procedures related to non-profit organizations.

  • Develop an annual Governance Committee work plan and a work plan for the

    Board as a whole, identifying priorities and objectives related to Governance.

  • Conduct a yearly review of the by-laws, revising them as necessary to incorporate

    edits and changes noted throughout the year.

  • Conduct reviews as stipulated for all policies and procedures to incorporate edits

  • and changes and to evaluate the ongoing efficacy of the policies and procedures.

  • Review Board of Directors’ job descriptions annually to ensure relevance and that

    all duties are encompassed in each description.

Click here to apply - deadline is August 15 at 5:00pm EST 

Fundraising Director
  • Volunteer Position (Not Paid)

  • Term: 2 Years (Elected at AGM, no term limit)

General Description

The Fundraising Director is responsible for coordinating member-centered fundraising initiatives to meet the Board’s annual fundraising goal.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Chair the Fundraising Committee.

  • Host regular fundraising events with specific and attainable targets.

  • Market fundraising events to the choir members and community-at-large with the

    support of the Communications/Membership Committee (if applicable).

  • Connect with the Treasurer about the financial needs of potential, planned and

    ongoing fundraisers.

  • Connect with the Development Chair to coordinate fundraisers and ensure they

    align with the development goals of the choir.

  • Manage online donation platforms (e.g., CanadaHelps, Kickstarter, Patreon, etc.).

Click here to apply - deadline is August 15 at 5:00pm EST

Get Involved! 

Myriad is grateful for the efforts and dedication of our volunteers. Below are the following ways you can be involved in Myriad today*!
Administrative Director - assist with daily operations 
Artistic Collaborators - conductors, musicians, photographers, composers, visual artists, dancers, videographers, graphic designers
Librarian - organize and maintain Myriad's music library 
Outreach - reach out to other programs, schools, and organizations to share the word about Myriad and events
Social Media - platforms used are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and sometimes TikTok
Advertisement/ Media Relations - help us connect with and reach a wider audience
Concert Ushers
Grant Writers 

...want to be involved and have another skillset? Be in touch with us! 
*Please note that this is a rolling list and some positions requiring only one person may already be filled

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