adena commisso

Alto Adena is completing her final year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of Toronto. Instead of playing sports as a child, she grew up dancing, playing piano, and singing. After taking a long hiatus from the arts during university, she discovered Myriad and felt drawn to the strong sense of community and warmth she experienced from her very first rehearsal. Myriad is her first experience singing with a choir, and she is excited to embark on the journey with this very special group of women!


Alma Sarai

Alma is an actor and arts advocate from Burlington, Ontario who sings primarily Alto 1 but is considered a ‘swinger’ with Myriad. Her childhood was full of singing, dancing, and performing, so she decided that her adulthood would be very much the same through attending University of Toronto Missisauga’s Theatre and Drama Studies joint program with Sheridan College and pursuing a career as a full time artist. After singing with Hamilton Children’s Choir for over eight years, Alma knew that being part of a choral ensemble is an experience like no other and when Elise asked for more local singers, she jumped right in! Alma could not have anticipated the beyond fulfilling sisterhood that Myriad provides, and she has fallen in love with this strong, powerful, intelligent, beautiful group of singers of which she is lucky to be a part of. Fun fact about Alma: when congested, her nostrils whistle on a C#.


Anna Vanderlaan

Anna is a proud member of the Alto section of Myriad. She grew up in Whitby, Ontario singing in the Durham Girls’ Choir and is so happy to have found another sisterhood to sing with in adulthood. Myriad is an outlet for Anna to enjoy music, but more than that, it is a way for her to build friendships and feel a connection to her community. Outside of music, Anna is passionate about mental health promotion and promoting resilience in early childhood. She has a Master of Public Health degree from Queen's University and currently works in local public health in Guelph supervising a team specializing in promoting the healthy growth and development of children.


Anny Ko

Anny is a new member of Myriad joining the Alto section. For many years, she grew up singing in the Hastings & Prince Edward Regional Chorus in Belleville, ON but stopped after heading to McMaster University. After a degree in Kinesiology and diploma in Massage Therapy, Anny found Myriad through Caitlyn and is excited to create music, once again but with passionate and talented women! Outside of working as a Massage Therapist and singing, Anny is part of the leadership team at LIFT Church. You can almost always spot Anny around Hamilton trying new places to eat.


Belle Cao

Belle discovered choral music at the age of 11 in the Ottawa Children’s Chamber Choir and has been singing ever since. An eternal middle section voice, she often switches between Soprano 2 and Alto 1, depending on the day! Having met Elise through McMaster University and Women’s Choirs, Belle was one of the first to join Myriad before its inception, when she was just looking for a place to sing over the summer. Aside from Myriad, she also sings with other community choirs including Chorus Niagara and Arcady Ensemble. In her professional life, Belle is a Family Medicine Resident completing her training in Hamilton. She is so proud of how far Myriad and its members have come and hopes to see the group take on new challenges and adventures in the future!


Daniella Ruggiero

Daniella currently lives and works in Toronto as a mechanical engineer, and has been an avid music lover throughout her entire life. She grew up taking piano lessons and singing in several community choirs. While studying engineering at the University of Toronto, she fed her passion for music and theatre by participating in the annual musical production ‘Skule Nite’ at Hart House Theatre. Since graduating, Daniella had been missing her musical outlet, so she joined Myriad as an Alto and hasn't looked back. In addition to being a music lover and full-time engineer, Daniella is a pastry school graduate and loves to bake—as long as she can sing in the kitchen!


Dawn Larsh

Music has always been a big part of Dawn’s life. From singing with her mom as a child, singing in Hamilton Children’s Choir for eight years, and playing in different bands in the Hamilton area. Anyone who knows her well knows that she sings harmonies over everything! It is such a joy for Dawn to get to continue her musical journey by singing Alto with a wonderful group like Myriad. Aside from music, Dawn’s other passion is working with children. During the week, she works as a Montessori teacher where she gets so much joy spending her days with children!


Emma Dudley

Emma, a proud Alto 2, is a Family Medicine Resident Physician currently living in Burlington. She has never been a part of a choir before, but has always loved music, and was involved in her undergraduate program’s musicals. She agreed to come check out a Myriad rehearsal on a whim in the summer of 2018 and never left! She was a bit nervous and intimidated by the talent in the group at the first rehearsal, but soon felt at home with this lovely group of talented ladies and the wonderful music they make. Of course, the food at rehearsals is a great bonus as well. She loves having this space as a creative outlet and a break from reality, and is looking forward to the upcoming year!


Emma Murty

Emma, a Special Education Assistant from Burlington, began singing in church choir as a little girl with the late David Davis. He taught sight reading and singing in such a fun way, and encouraged Emma to audition for the Hamilton Children's Choir (HCC). She went on to sing with HCC for nine years until graduating high school. After graduating college and working for a few years, Emma was missing choir and rarely had opportunities to sing (besides harmonizing to songs on the radio, as fun as that is!). She was very excited to hear that fellow HCC alumna Elise was starting her own group! Emma loves having Myriad as a creative outlet and supportive space to learn new things, meet new people, and munch on donuts.


Evelyn Lai Baker

Evelyn, a calligrapher currently residing in Hamilton with her husband, grew up playing piano and taking private voice lessons. Her first experience singing in a choir was at McMaster University, where she studied Mathematics. She loved it so much and eagerly agreed to join Elise’s summer women’s chorus before it was even called Myriad. After a year-long stint in Germany, Evelyn is happy to be back singing Soprano 1 with this wonderful group of women. Myriad started as a space for Evelyn to stretch her music muscles, but has now become a community that she leans on and is honoured to do life with.



Haleigh Eady is a Burlington native, inspired by music and the arts. She is a dance educator, choreographer and performer who loves to sing. She received her education from George Brown College and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre’s Scholarship Program in NYC. Taking her first steps into professional life at the Martha Graham School, she later returned to Canada to finish her studies at Humber College in the Arts and Cultural Management program in 2018. Haleigh manages the charity foundation HCA Dance Theatre, which presents and produces public arts and dance events in Hamilton. This is her first season with Myriad Ensemble as a Soprano 2. She is excited to be joining Myriad and trying something new!


Jennifer Wells

Jen, a research assistant currently living in Burlington, grew up taking private voice lessons, playing the flute, and dancing (mostly to the Spice Girls in her living room). Her first experiences singing in a choir were in middle school and then with Hamilton Children’s Choir (HCC). With HCC, she traveled to Spain and Poland, and met Elise in the Soprano 1 section! They became fast friends, and after taking some time away from music, she timidly agreed to join Elise’s summer women’s chorus - it can be scary to come back to singing after a hiatus! With a couple of years of hard work, persistence and note-pounding, Jen is now happy to be back singing (confidently!) with the Alto 2 section. Myriad has become a place for Jen to both de-stress through song and friends, and also brush up on that music theory she thought she could avoid learning all those years ago.


Lauren Dykstra

Lauren, a soprano 1 within Myriad, started her musical journey as a child with piano lessons at the age of seven and by singing with Niagara Children’s Choir for five years. She had many fun opportunities in high school participating in Battle of the Bands for two years as well as being a part of the choir and small glee club. Playing an instrument while singing was always so much fun so she also picked up the guitar at the age of fifteen. Lauren graduated in April 2019 with an Honours B.A in Social Psychology and is a huge psychology nerd. She currently works with kids at a childcare centre with aspirations of going back to school and becoming a social worker in the future! Myriad is a way for her to get back into a choral community and relearn what she has forgotten about music, theory and how to use her voice in the best way possible. 


Linda Chan

Linda moved to Hamilton in the summer of 2018, and joined Myriad shortly after to be part of her new community. Linda sang in a choir briefly in her teens, plays piano, and sings Alto parts (with a little help from the others!). Originally from the west coast, she moved to Toronto in 2012 to complete her Master in Public Health, and has been living in different places across the province ever since. She works in post-secondary education, most recently at McMaster University as an educational developer. She will be returning to school in the Fall to embark on a new professional journey as a Registered Nurse. Beyond singing, Linda likes spin class, skin care, and anything to do with food.


Nadine Nejati

Nadine is delighted to be a Soprano 2 in Myriad. She discovered her love for singing while completing her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences at McMaster, and then joined Myriad while in medical school at the University of Toronto. Despite not having much choral experience, she found Myriad to be an incredibly welcoming environment where she could challenge herself and learn in an area outside of her studies. Nadine is passionate about mental health, and as a newly graduated physician will be moving to Halifax to pursue a residency in psychiatry. She is excited to continue to be a part of the Myriad community from afar, and to sing with them when she's back!


Naomi Pullen

Naomi is a proud Alto 2 in Myriad. She is from Hamilton, ON where she grew up singing often in school, in church, and in the shower. She also sang with the McMaster University Choirs while obtaining her Bachelor of Arts and Science at Mac, followed by her Certificate in Jazz Performance (Trombone) at Humber College. When Naomi first joined Myriad she was happy simply to have found a group of young women to sing with, but she was surprised and excited to learn that Myriad is a group that prioritizes friendships as well as music. Naomi sadly had to leave Myriad while pursuing her master's in public policy at Carleton University, but she is grateful to be welcomed back with open arms and open fifths.


Olivia Korosak

Olivia is very excited to be joining Myriad! Since age four, music has been a very huge part of shaping Olivia into the person she is, so much so that she went on to study music at the post-secondary level at McMaster University. While at McMaster Olivia was involved with both McMaster University and Women’s choirs which made her realize how much she adores choral music. Through ensembles such as choir, her minor in theatre and film studies, and the many music courses she took Olivia found her love for composition and currently spends most of her time expanding her portfolio and is always looking to connect with musicians to play her pieces. Even though Olivia is finished her education with the Royal Conservatory of Music and McMaster University she is hoping to continue her musical studies in a Masters program for Composition in the near future. Olivia is ready to sing with the lovely ladies of Myriad and most importantly ready to learn from each and every one of them as music is an art form that requires constant growth.


Renée Huynh Barabash

Renée is a pianist based in Burlington. She grew up in a musical family and received her training at the University of Sydney, Wilfrid Laurier University, and the University of Toronto. She sang regularly in choirs until she began to focus on her training and career as a classical musician. In 2018 she heard about Myriad through a mutual friend and she joined as a way to remain musically active during her parental leave. With Myriad she has had the opportunity to explore a role apart from being an instrumentalist and she is honoured to sing Soprano 2/Alto 1 alongside many gifted singers. Although it was only meant to be a temporary activity for Renée during a transitional season, Myriad has become a special and very much permanent part of her life. 


Victoria Cosway

Victoria is a Certified Athletic Therapist, with a passion in the arts. Her music experience started instrumentally with the piano, and quickly expanded to encompass vocal training in both a private and choir setting. Victoria was also a competitive dancer, played the flute, and was an active member in many musical productions. She started her post-secondary educational experience at the University of Western Ontario, and transitioned into earning her Honours Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Athletic Therapy) from Sheridan College. Her academic career continues as she is currently pursuing her Master in Health Science through the University of St. Augustine. After a six year absence from singing, Victoria reconnected with Elise and joined a sisterhood, now known as Myriad, where she sings in the choir as a Soprano. The beautiful women of Myriad have become such an important part of her life — offering a sense of community to allow for musical growth and the development of lifelong friendships. 



Zechen, a Soprano 1, sang with the McMaster Women's Choir and Brock Women's Choir. She completed her undergraduate in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University. She's currently attending medical school at McMaster University at the Niagara Regional Campus. She hopes to practice in the Hamilton region in the future. She joined Myriad to meet a group of talented women. In her free time, she loves to hike beautiful landscapes!